An Easy Way to Stay Updated on Health Care Reform

Contributed by Rebecca Dobbs

We all get flooded with email alerts and news updates on a regular basis.  It is hard to know what to read and what not to bother reading.  Everyone has their favorites, including me. Labor and Employment Law News and Tips

If I was allowed to subscribe to only one email alert, it would be the email alert I receive through: — the U.S. Department of Labor’s portal for all regulations and updates relating to Health Care Reform.  On this web site, you can find a link to every regulation, model notice and publication that has been issued relating to Health Care Reform.  The web site is a one-stop reference shopping event as it also provides related links for information published by other agencies, such as IRS Notices.

The best part about the web site?  There is a subscribe feature at the top right.  Insert your email address and you will receive automatic alerts when a new regulation, IRS Notice, FAQ, etc. is added to the web site.  This means you get immediate notice anytime new regulations or information have been posted to the site – instead of waiting for someone else to notice it and take the time to write-up an email alert about it. 

True, you may not be interested in actually reading federal regulations, IRS Notices or Technical Guidance interpreting the Affordable Care Act.  Some days I even question my interest in them.  And it’s also true that the site doesn’t exactly provide any interesting commentary or helpful summaries to use in translating the regulations into your day-to-day operations.  Subscribing to the site, though, provides you with an alert indicating something has happened.  After that, you can always just call your favorite benefits attorney for a summary on what the new guidance means for your business.